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Access Your Hadoop Cluster Over SSH

Easy SSH access

First you need to setup passwordless ssh access using a public key. Refer to this guide to setup ssh access using ssh keys.

To enable easy ssh access to a machine (this is not limited to hadoop), add a section like this to your ~/.ssh/config

# demoproject staging cluster
Host stagingcluster
User root
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/mykey_rsa

Now you can ssh into the remote machine using the command

ssh stagingcluster

Access the cluster from your developer machine

Open a socks proxy

Add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile

alias opensocks='ssh -f -N -D 7070 stagingcluster'

Then open the proxy by simply typing


Access the Resource Manager using the proxy

Use firefox with FoxyProxy.

HDFS access

To access hdfs from your developer machine you need a local copy of your hadoop distribution. Configure it to point to your cluster (e.g. download hadoop client config from cloudera manager).

Then add the following configuration to your hdfs-site.xml (Thanks to Stephan Friese for showing me this):


Now you can do things such as

hdfs dfs -ls
hdfs dfs -put somefile somewhere

Maybe you also have to add the namenode to your /etc/hosts.