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Tools For Working With Archives

Here I collect some useful tools for working with zip/jar/gz files. As always: just snippets and short descriptions.

List the contents of an archive

To list the contents of a jar/war/zip archive we type the following:

jar tf frontend.war

Extract a file

To extract a file from the archive, type something like

jar xf frontend.war config/app-conf.xml

This creates a folder named config with the file app-conf.xml inside. Now you can edit the config file. After you are done editing the file you can update the archive by typing

Update a file

jar uf frontend.war config/app-conf.xml

View the contents of a file within the archive

For having a quick look at the contents of a file you can use the unzip command:

unzip -q -c frontend.war config/app-conf.xml

(the c switch redirects output to stdout, the q(uiet) switch suppresses all other output.

Test the integrity of archives

gunzip -t *.gz

will report broken gzip archives without unpacking them.